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Skid Row Kings Series 

Skid Row Kings Series #1

Luke Jensen lived on the wrong side of the tracks all of his life, but that never stopped him from realizing his dream and making it a reality. Now as the King of the street racing scene, he finally has everything he wants and he won't let anyone take it away from him.


Violet Barnes livied a sheltered life growing up, never fitting in except in the books that she loved. After losing her parents, she forges forward, creating her own little world, content in being alone.


When Violet stumbles into Luke's body shop, sparks fly but neither can let go of the hard lessons they learned growing up.


Will Violet give Luke a chance to prove he's not just another gear head? Or will Luke write Violet off before they even have a chance to see that they both need to let go of thier past and focus on the furture?


Barnes & Noble

Skid Row Kings Series #2

Mitch Jensen knows what it’s like to have nothing and claw your way up from the bottom. Living with nothing growing up, he always strives to help those in need. Except, he’s never met someone who didn’t want his help. 

Scarlett James is running from a life she never wanted but was too afraid to leave. Free from the man who was destroying her, she now has to find her way and build a new life for her and her son. 

All Mitch wants to do is give Scarlett what she needs and deserves but with the walls Scarlett has built around her heart, Mitch can’t find a way in. 
Will Scarlett let Mitch in, discovering that not all men are bad? Or will her past consume her, keeping her from what she’s always wanted? 


Barnes & Noble

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